4 Places You Need To See In New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful island, full of surprises and beautiful landscapes that has a significant and rich history that dates back to the 8th century after Polynesians settle in this island. Today, a huge number of people visits this country. If you are planning to do so, get visa through New Zealand ETA so you could explore this country freely and without any setbacks! In this article, we have prepared some of the places and things that you have to see once you get there. Stay tuned and check the four best places you must visit!

The Bay of Islands

Woman Sitting On The Rock

Landscape In NZ

One of the most distinctive sights in NZ is definitely the Bay of Islands! This region has over 140 different islands and it is placed between Cape Brett and Purerua peninsula! Try to get to the Hole In Rock to see the natural formation of rock in water. While it is fantastic to sit back in the armchair and just look at the landscape, we highly recommend you scuba diving as you will discover a whole new universe underwater! Alternatively, you can swim with dolphins and see whales that are wandering through the water.


Auckland is the main hub, both for water and air traffic, and if you arrive to New Zealand, spend some time to exploring this magnificent city! We highly recommend visiting Auckland Art Gallery and Domain park.

The Gallery offers more than 15,000 work to see, from various eras of design and art, while Domain park represents the perfect destination for all you who love mornings full of Sun! There you can see the fishermen selling the fresh fish that they caught a few hours ago! Also, try to overcome fear and get to Bridge bungee jump to feel some adrenaline!


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Home From Movie In New Zealand

If you are looking for beautiful sightseeing, this is your destination! Though the city was struck by a series of severe Earthquakes, the city managed to recover. We recommend you visiting Botanic Gardens. These gardens offer great relaxation and fun time as you can find a network of conservatories, walking trails and horticultural gardens packed with the largest trees in NZ.

This is a real place to go and have a relaxed time without any rush of anything that would make you hurry. Take some additional time and explore this magnificent place!


The southwest part of NZ has another great place and that is Queenstown. The best time to visit it is from June to October, when you enjoy bungee jumping, skydiving, jet boating and river rafting! Here, you can also find the highest cliff in the world, Shotover Canyon Swing, where you can choose one of the ways to jump from the cliff. For all adrenaline lovers, this cliff is the ideal place to refresh and get energy! If you come to this place, then have in mind not to forget Fegburger, which is probably the best burger in New Zealand!


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