About Beaterville

Established in 1993, the site of Beaterville Cafe was a stop on Beater Bill’s bus route. Bill Lockner worked as a bus driver and often stopped at 2201 N.Killingsworth for his morning break. Every day he wished there was a place close to where he could buy coffee and some breakfast and maybe chat with people during his morning pause. In 1993, He made that dream a reality. He personally tends to customers and the Portland native is now a local character.

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About the Business Owner: Mr. Bill Lockner

The Beaterville Cafe synthesizes things that are important in Bill’s life. The Cafe and Bar offer an old-timey comforting atmosphere and generous portions. His passions are collecting interesting objects, interesting or odd people, art cars and having good old-fashioned fun. Because the café is so closely connected to his life, you can see all of his passions right in the café, everything is designed using his ideas.