If You Are Eating Healthy, Your Dog Should Too

Yes, your dog should eat healthy as well, and you can help him with that! Your furry friend must have groceries that have a high content of healthy nutrients that are crucial for the development and health of your four-leg friend. Of course, be moderate with it as you can use these as a form of treats when you learn your dog something or when he is acting well. The vegetables, for example, cannot be a diet for your dog but rather a combination of healthy pet food, minerals and vitamins and human food that you give him occasionally. Below are groceries that you can give your dog every now and then.

A carrot stick

Carrot contains vitamin A, potassium and a lot of fibers, so why not sometimes give your dog a treat in the form of carrot? Beside, the carrot is a thick and your furry friend will have to chew hard to break it, which is extremely good for his dental health as it removes plaque. Make sure you don’t give a carrot to little dogs to avoid choking as it is a hard vegetable. If you have to give it to a small dog, try cooking the carrot before you give it.


boiled eggs in a basket

As they are healthy and all natural, eggs are a great way to replenish your friend’s reserves of amino and fatty acids. Avoid giving raw eggs, due to possible salmonella infections, but rather boil them and then give to your friend. Cooked and fried eggs are loved by dogs so make sure you give them from time to time.

Sweet potato

A potato is a useful tool for fighting skin diseases and therefore it is great for promoting healthy skin, fur and nerves of your dog. Calcium, vitamin C, B56 and iron are the nutrients that your dog must intake regularly in order to be healthy and shiny. Feel free to give your dog a potato as soon as you see that his hair has a bit of “dirty” look. The best way is to boil them and then give to your dog, although you can bake it.


Almost every dog loves apples! They contain high levels of vitamin A, C and a lot of fibers. But dogs love apples more because they are the perfect way to clean their teeth and mouth. This is their toothbrush! Remove seeds or peel the skin if you want and give it to your dog. They will enjoy in this fresh and juicy treat, plus it is good for dental hygiene.


The majority of dairy products are among the favorite treats of all animals. Yogurt love all dogs, as it is the best probiotics that make digestion easier while balances the bacterial levels. However, make sure your dog does not have an intolerance to lactose, which is contained in yogurt. In case it is not intolerant to dairy products, buy sugar-free yogurts to your pets and let them have it often.

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